04 September 2013

Fall Weather Smokes

"...Full cigar flavor without the full cigar time commitment."
As the days get shorter, often times our cigars get shorter too. Cooler temperatures make it less enticing to enjoy a Churchill or Double Corona, and the end of the summer dress-code is also the end of summer Friday's and early beach weekend departures. But fortunately, we offer a number of great small format options that deliver full cigar flavor and enjoyment without the full cigar time commitment. Stop by your favorite tobacconist and try pick up a few of these great short cigars... and remember to still make a little time to experience Nat Sherman.

03 September 2013

Oktoberfest at Nat Sherman

The Nat Sherman Townhouse presents...
Oktoberfest 2013!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
$100 per person
Seating is limited and MUST be purchased in advance.
Call 646-442-1850

Manuel Quesada, Patriarch of the Quesada Family, and Terence Reilly, Director of S.A.G. Imports will be joining us for this great evening!
Each guest will enjoy:
  • THREE Quesada Oktoberfest Cigars
  • A collectible German Beer Stein
  • Authentic German Oktoberfest Cuisine
  • Complimentary Oktoberfest Beer Tasting
  • Special deals and discounts available during event only.