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Mr. Michael Herklots - The King of Cigars  When Michael explains a cigar, it is as if the whole world slows down and you are a witness to a great solo performance at the Lincoln Center. As the VP of Retail & Brand Development at the historic cigar brand Nat Sherman, Michael knows his craft and is passionate about creating a life he loves. HOW DID YOU GET STARTED WITH NAT SHERMAN?  I joined Nat Sherman in June of 2011, having worked with Davidoff of Geneva for almost ten years prior. It was a big decision, but certainly the right decision. I truly enjoyed my time at Davidoff, but my role was strictly running the retail businesses in New York. The Nat Sherman opportunity has given me more opportunity to be creative, develop strategy, and build the overall brand and business. WHY DO YOU DO IT AND HOW DO YOU THINK YOU'VE GAINED THE SUCCESS THAT YOU HAVE? I’m not sure there is a secret to success. And personally, I feel as though I’m on an endless quest to learn more and get better.…

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