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How to Develop Your Palate

I was recently featured on helping to answer the question, "How do I develop my palate?". The article has some of my favorite tips on how to begin to learn how to truly "taste" cigars, describe cigars, and differentiate one from another.  Below is my full answer to the question, "How do I develop my palate?"

I like to approach palate development for cigars the way we do for wine or beer. The first time one tastes wine, regardless of color, grape terroir or vintage, it tastes like wine. The same goes for beer. As we are exposed to more of each, one can develop a preference for red vs. white or a light beer vs. a dark beer. And further exploration allows consumers to begin to prefer Cabernet Sauvignon over Merlot, or Italy over France.... Or, ale over lager, for example.
The same development occurs for premium cigar enthusiasts. The first few times you taste a cigar, or smell a cigar.... It simply tastes and smells like a cigar, no matt…