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Announcing G-Fest 2010

Every year we host a couple of themed events at the Davidoff store on Madison Avenue.  And first up is our annual "G-fest", a night of incredible Italian food, wines, and music.  Alec Bradley will be the sponsoring cigar manufacturer this year- with his incredible Tempus and Prensado lines.  Lamborghini will also be on hand raffling off some incredible lighters and cutters.

Although we don't have the menu set, some of the dishes of years past include Venison Osso Bucco, Wild Boar Polenta, Rabbit Fricassee, Rigatoni with Wild Boar Sunday Gravy, whole Red Snapper, and countless other dishes. 

Seating is very limited. MONDAY JANUARY 25, 2010.  7:15PM!!! Tickets are $140 p/p and must be purchased in advance by calling the Madison Avenue store at 212-751-9060