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La Aurora "Cien Años" (c. 2004) NOW AVAILABLE

La Aurora "Cien Años" (c. 2004) NOW AVAILABLE

La Aurora is the Dominican Republic's oldest cigar factory, established in 1903.  To commemorate it's 100th Anniversary, the company released the La Aurora "Cien Años"line- made up of four sizes.  Over the years, there have been a few additions, a lancero and preferido- and the blend has been one sought after by cigar enthusiasts ever since.  Unfortunately, like all limited editions... when they're gone they're gone.

Well, after a little digging in the aging rooms of La Aurora, it turns out they weren't QUITE gone.  Some remaining inventories were left, aging in bulk, unbanded... maturing... just waiting to be smoked.  La Aurora, decided to share their wealth with a few retailers so that consumers can enjoy this beautifully aged smoke.  (W.C. Drapers used some of the limited cigars to celebrate their recent 125th Anniversary!).

Of course, these are by nature limited- but rarely does a consumer get th…