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The Nat Sherman Heritage Humidor

The Nat Sherman Heritage Humidors are a limited production collection of humidors that embrace some of the most traditional humidor manufacturing styles of the early 20th century, while incorporating a more innovative humidification system in three classic exterior finishes. These gorgeous humidors are hand made in Santa Ana, California under the careful watch of humidor master Daniel Marshall.  Each humidor is lined in milk-glass, a popular humidor lining material from the Prohibition Era.
The Nat Sherman Heritage Humidors offer a non-porous, non-aromatic environment with an impenetrable seal, providing unwavering conditions for your most treasured cigars, while preventing any foreign odors or flavors from being absorbed by the tobacco during the aging process.  Each humidor features two movable dividers, in order to organize your collection.  Humidity is created and maintained using three Boveda-60 gram two-way humidity control packs (included).
Boveda’s patented two-way humidity c…