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Ten Additions to the Humidor for 2010

Everyone has their "top cigar" list. Some folks pick their favorite cigars they smoked in 2010, though they may have been released much earlier. Cigar Aficionado's top 25 list features new releases and old stand by's. I've never made such a list. I talk about and write about cigars so often, that I feel like I am an ongoing list.
However, in thinking about 2010, there really were some extraordinary releases... some that have been extremely well received, and others that have slipped under the radar. When it comes to stocking the humidors at the Davidoff stores, I try to keep think about what our humidors should represent. Of course, we need the full compliment of our own brands and range. But we also need an assortment of 3rd party brands to incorporate other countries, flavors, prices and other factors that we simply don't offer in our lineup. Further, when it comes to bringing in new brands, the single biggest question I ask myself is, "Does this fill a…