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The Nat Sherman Bench Collection Returns

Since 1930, Nat Sherman has been committed to creating products in an effort to accommodate the needs of customers.  As demand increased for these products, so did distribution and availability.  Today, many Nat Sherman products are available all over the world.  However, we continue to be committed to our "local community" and develop specialty products that are exclusive to our Flagship Townhouse store.
The "Bench Collection" is just such a project.  Over the past couple years, "Bench Collection" projects have been made available.  These are unique "one-off" projects, made in cooperation with industry-leading manufacturers in very limited productions.

This new collection comes compliments of MATASA, the factory that has made our Metropolitan and Host series.  The four-size line is quite full bodied and sold in boxes of 20 cigars or of course individually.  Each size smokes quite differently, so be sure to try them all.  Final blend details and …