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Michael Herklots Annual Birthday Fundraiser

It's that time again for my annual birthday party/fundraiser event. This is the 6th year I'm raising money for my high school Alma Mater, Killingly High School in Danielson, CT. Since 2005, my birthday event has raised over $70,000 for the Learning for Life Fund, which helps supplement, the costs of KHS's School-to-Career program.

It's a small town public school that's funded by a very limited education budget financed by generous yet maxed-out taxpayers, many on fixed incomes. This past year has been incredibly challenging for them to maintain programs, and even provide adequate resources like computers. They were only able to do so because of the funding this event generates through your support and generosity. The Killingly High School "Learning for Life" Fund directly supports the "Career Pathways" program and "School to Career" program that helps in the transition from high school to the next step…

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