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Avo Uvezian's 83rd Birthday Party at Davidoff of Geneva, Madison Avenue

On Monday, March 16, 2009, over sixty cigar enthusiasts joined us at the Madison Avenue store to celebrate AvoUvezian's 83rd Birthday. In his signature white Brioni Suit and straw hat, Avo was his gracious enthusiastic self, signing boxes of his brand new AvoCompaneros and posing for pictures.
An incredible dinner was prepared and served by our dear friends and neighbors at Rothmann's Steakhouse and paired with wines selected by Andrew Bell, President of the American Sommelier Association.

This was the very first time the AvoUvezian 2009 Limited Edition Companeros had been smoked by the general public. More details on the cigar are below!

Here are a few pics from the night:

The Tables are set...

Avo spending time with guests...

Eddy Simon (Avo Brand Manager), AvoUvezian, Michael Herklots (General Manager, Davidoff New York City)

Joseph Bollo, AvoUvezian, Ruth Bollo

AvoUvezian and Paul Chapman

Ibrahim Amer (Davidoff @ Madison) and Elena Baenninger (Davidoff @ Madison)

Avo dining with gu…