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The Nat Sherman Bench Legacy Series, George

Introducing the Nat Sherman Bench Collection Legacy Series "George"
Nat Sherman created his namesake company in New York City in 1930.  For the past 85 years, it has remained owned and operated by the Sherman family.  While the company has certainly grown since 1930, the Shermans are quite proud of the steadfast loyal group of employees who've worked with the family for years and years.  In 2011, Nat Sherman honored their longest serving employee of the Townhouse, Sam Perry by creating a limited edition cigar in his name, the Nat Sherman Bench Collection "Sam".  We're proud to once again honor the career of another long-time Nat Sherman Townhouse employee, George Georgiadis.  George worked for Nat Sherman's retail operations for 19 years... developing an incredibly devoted roster of clients that span the globe, and all of whom would look for George if they needed anything.

The Nat Sherman Bench Collection "George" will be launched at a special g…