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FAQ: How much flavor comes from the wrapper?

FAQ: How much flavor comes from the wrapper?

A: Well, unfortunately that's a tough one to answer. The correct answer is "it depends". What is NOT a correct answer is an exact one. Why? Because it simply can't be. A premium cigar has three "parts": The wrapper, binder and filler. The wrapper is one leaf, which means it's one seed variety from a specific region. The binder is also one unique leaf. The filler tobaccos, are usually a blend of different types of tobaccos often from different regions and different positions on the plant (called primings). The filler tobaccos are positioned in the hand with the strongest tobaccos in the center, surrounded by milder tobaccos to ensure even combustion. The binder is applied to hold the fillers together, and after being pressed in a mold, the wrapper is applied over the bunch.

In the picture above, there are four cigars. The two cigars on the far left are the Metropolitan Banker Maduro and Natural, and on the rig…