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IPCPR 2009 round up

This summer has been an absolute whirlwind! It seems like it just began, and yet it's already wrapping up. Labor Day is THIS WEEKEND!!! Summer for me is exciting as it's always the season for checking out new products at the annual trade show. This year's festivities were in a scorching New Orleans. Fortunately, my hotel was accross the street from the convention center! I was amazed at all of the new products at the show, and more importantly- how many GREAT new products were at the show. I walked in with relatively low expectations, but to my delight- I was overwhelmed with exciting new cigars from all over the world. Of course, it's tough to go through everything... and document it all, BUT- with the help of (these guys are amazing.... if you don't get their newsletters, sign up) I'm at least going to give a run down of what you can expect to see in the stores in the coming months. There were A LOT more new products than this, but th…