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Proposed Smoking Ban in Parks and Beaches

The Mayor of New York City is at it again.  The former smoker is supporting legislation to ban smoking from all of New York City's 29,000 acres of parks and 14 miles of beaches.  The argument for this particular measure is backed by unspecific "studies" and "experts" and uses both health risks and littering as the major arguments for the case.

It is absurd to believe that the second hand smoke in a park is more dangerous than the already present pollutants from car and truck exhaust, restaurant hoods, street vendors, etc...  And there are already strict laws forbidding littering. 

There is a hearing on Thursday, October 14 at City Hall.  Please take the time between now and then to express your opposition to this ridiculous legislation.

CLICK HERE  for a virtual petition, or visit any New York City Retailer to sign a petition.  If it happens in New York it could happen anywhere.  EVERY SIGNATURE COUNTS!