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Departures' Ten New Whiskeys Paired with Cigars

Departures Magazine recently featured Ten New Whiskeys for the New Year, by Sasha Levine.  Levine writes, "Whiskey is for winter. It’s big and brown and goes down with heat, giving off the illusion, at the very least, of warming from within. It’s why so many top-notch bourbons, Scotches, ryes—and everything in between—tend to hit shelves during the colder months. But with the current whiskey revival that’s been raging since the early aughts, every season brings a new batch of impeccable spirits to choose from. The past few months have debuted particularly singular offerings from stateside craft distilleries and veterans abroad."

In a never-ending quest to both challenge and quench the palate, here is Departures' list, presented with cigar pairing suggestions.  Pairings have come a long way since "Red with Meat" and "White with Fish", or even the coveted cigar with Cognac after a big meal.  Pairings are about creating dialogue and more importantly balan…