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Litto Gomez LG Oriental (2006)

The hardest part about aging cigars is space.  To hold onto cigars takes up serious real estate in your humidor and SERIOUS patience and will power.  Well... that's where we come in.  I am a big fan of petit coronas and lanceros.  And one of my favorite is the LG, the Domincian Puro by Litto Gomez.  When he finally released his petit corona in 2006, The Oriental, we scooped up as many as we could get our hands on. 

We might have been a touch overzealous... especially, when Litto changed his idea on the line, made it a "vintage" line and re-released it in smaller quantitiy tobaccos in annual releases. 

Well the good news is... we've got originals... from our very first shipment.  And let me tell you, they are smoking incredible.  We've broken them out here and there... used them for events or special promotions... but, it's time to make them avail to all.  These are available in Cabinets of 50 ONLY, and only at our Madison Avenue store. 

The price is $367.5…

Padilla 1932 MADURO (2007)

We purchased a few of these beautiful humidors back in 2007.  Each humidor is loaded with 15 of each size.  These gorgeous cigars were made by the Don Pepin Garcia, and each cigar is individually numbered.  Though we sold the other humidors as complete sets... we have one full humidor left at each Davidoff Shop and we've decided to open them up and sell them individually.

There are 15 sticks of each size at each store... and they're selling.  SO!  Pick up the phone and CALL!
Davidoff Columbus Circle 212-823-6383  Madison Avenue 212-751-9060

Robusto $12.00ea
Torpedo $14.00ea
Churchill $13.00ea

Applicable taxes may apply!