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Quesada 35th Anniversary Premiere @ Madison Avenue

For 35 years, the MATASA factory has made some of the finest cigars in the Dominican Republic. From their flagship "Fonseca" brand, to other well known favorites like Cubita, Casa Blanca, and several others... the name MATASA has always been synonymous with excellence. Manuel Quesada has been the force behind the MATASA factory. Now, his "young ones" are growing up, and becoming more and more involved. With the "young ones" come new ideas, new concepts, and finally new cigars. On June 29, 2009 the entire Quesada family came to New York to premiere their new brand, Quesada, and a commemorative cigar to celebrate and honor their father and uncle, Manolo.

Although it won't be available until late in the summer, about 80 lucky guests got to taste this new cigar, and I was one of them. Now, I'm a little biased since I had the pleasure of being part of the creative process from the beginning on this project, but to finally taste it finished, it its prope…