Padilla 1932 MADURO (2007)

We purchased a few of these beautiful humidors back in 2007.  Each humidor is loaded with 15 of each size.  These gorgeous cigars were made by the Don Pepin Garcia, and each cigar is individually numbered.  Though we sold the other humidors as complete sets... we have one full humidor left at each Davidoff Shop and we've decided to open them up and sell them individually.

There are 15 sticks of each size at each store... and they're selling.  SO!  Pick up the phone and CALL!
Davidoff Columbus Circle 212-823-6383  Madison Avenue 212-751-9060

Robusto $12.00ea
Torpedo $14.00ea
Churchill $13.00ea

Applicable taxes may apply!

original Padilla 1932 Humidor