La Flor Dominicana Salomon

I received these babies in several months ago... right around the holidays to be exact but I'm sorry to say I never smoked one. I've looked at them everyday, but just couldn't dedicate the time and attention I thought one of these La Flor Dominicana Salomon's deserved.

Well, today was the day. I walked into the Madison Avenue store, and straight into the humidor to grab one. It was dark, oily, and hefty!

I took off my coat, sat down at my desk and clipped the cap. It was packed with tobacco but drew with ease. The pre-light flavor indicated some seriously strong tobaccos. I was questioning my judgement for a moment. Perhaps this was not the best choice for my 9:00am cigar. But, I went for it any way. The first couple puffs were a bit tight, no surprise for this particular shape. The filler tobacco was expanding with the heat. But, a few more puffs opened the cigar up into its full format, and plumes of smoke were spilling out of my mouth.

The cigar began with some very bright flavors... but as it smoked down turned meaty and leathery... almost chewy in fact. About one third of the way down and two espressos, I realized that perhaps a little substance in my stomach was a good idea, so I ran out to the street vendor and grabbed a little something. Upon returning to my cigar, it was still lit and the aroma in my office when I returned was favorable but dense.

All in, it took about 2 hours to smoke (including quick breakfast break). It really was a fabulous cigar. Impressive. I'm looking forward to smoking it again soon... though perhaps later in the day after a meal.