New Year's Smoke 2008

2 January 2008

The celebration of a New Year is always filled for me with reflections over the past year and thoughts of the upcoming year. 2007 was a wonderful year for me. I traveled quite a bit- from the Tobacco Harvest in the Dominican Republic in February to the Grape Harvest in Napa Valley in September. Great cigars, wine, food and friendship were what helped make 2007 so special. And what better way to finish up a year than by embracing all of those great things together.

At 17 people strong, we held court at Rothmann’s Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan for the ringing in of the new year. The food was outstanding as always! I brought along a few bottles of Vieux-OS 2005 Old Vine Charbono by Shrader Cellers (one of my favorite producers) to help wash down the Crab Cakes, Lobster Ravioli, and Porterhouse. Once the countdown was over and there were more streamers than vino in my wine glass, it was time to change venues. A remaining 6 of us, with a couple bottles of bubbly in tow- retreated nearby to a private little oasis where we would be permitted to smoke. Both ladies and gentlemen alike fired up Davidoff Classic No. 2’s and drank some wonderful Cava throughout the first 3 hours of 2008. We shared stories- some new and many old- laughed, and enjoyed the rare occasion of enjoying great cigars without interruption or complaint.

Now it’s back to reality. Alarm clocks, deadlines, month end, year end- but even with all the potential stresses and pressures, there is less of a sense of urgency as there was a few days ago… after all, we have a whole year left… what’s the rush? I’ll get it done… as soon as I’m done with my glass of Charbono and No. 2.

Happy New Year!