The "Special Occasion"

2 November 2007

I woke up this morning earlier than normal and opted to drive into work rather than taking the subway. I dimpled my tie and walked over to the humidors to make my morning selection, but found myself at a loss. Not at a loss of cigars… but which cigar to smoke. As I moved cigars and boxes left and right, I saw a a box of Juan Lopez petit coronas from 2001- gifted to me from a good friend in Switzerland a couple years ago. It’s a trophy little stick with loads of flavor. I was conflicted whether to sacrifice one to my morning commute when it me. I’ve got lots of cigars… many of which I hold on to for “a special occasion”. But, I’ve had countless special occasions since I’ve received these cigars and never once had I gone for one since I’d received them. So I decided to make my commute that special occasion. I cut the cigar and lit it in my apartment, just to enjoy the aroma for a moment. Then I was off. As I neared the foot of the bridge, I found myself less agitated at the parade of brake lights ahead. As I blew the smoke up into my sunroof, I paused to allow a cab in from the right (instead of him just cutting me off). As I was approaching my greenlight at 3rd Avenue, I slowed to the crossing pedestrians (I DID have the right of way, by the way) and stopped short about 10 feet enjoy the rich spiciness that had overwhelmed the flavor of this cigar. I double parked outside the garage for another twenty minutes, listened to the news, watched my fellow New Yorkers rush about, as I sat reclined at the wheel enjoying the last inch of this most wonderful cigar. It’s important to appreciate life’s precious moments, but its equally and perhaps even more important to simply appreciate how precious life is and enjoy every moment…

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