Camacho Dinner at Columbus Circle

Cigar Dinners are becoming more and more popular... and the concept of the "in-store" dinner is also gaining popularity around the country. Now I don't know for SURE, but I'm pretty damn sure we were among the very first to seat 50 people for dinner inside a cigar shop. It was with Ashton in early January of 2005... and Tony and Manny Ferraro of Ashton were on hand for it. In fact, they came by yesterday and we were reminiscing about that event and how far we've come since then!

Of course we always host big dinners... all the time. Whether in the Madison Avenue store, downtown at Bayard's (like we have coming up on the 8th of the month), at Rothmann's Steakhouse... one thing we know how to do is throw a big bash. But, at our Columbus Circle store, we've gone the other direction and embraced the idea of a more intimate event.

For our second "Columbus Circle Dinner", last night, we featured Camacho Cigars. We began in the store's lounge with a Camacho 10th Anniversary and Frederic Lornet Cremant du Jura Champagne (a very favorable combination, by the way). We're on the first floor of the Time Warner Center. SO, we made our way up to the fourth floor and were greeted by Porterhouse New York's GM David Kearns who led us to our monserous table in right in the middle of the dining room. Wines were poured including a Benessere Sangiovese from Napa Valley (that I happen to love). Dinner was extraordinary as always- the trophy being the Rib Steak prepared perfectly by Chef Extraordinaire Michael Lomonaco.

At the conclusion of dinner... guests were offered their choice of either a trip to the Emergency Room, or to return to the lounge for an incredible cookie assortment from Porterhouse, Ron Barcelo Imperial Rum, Louis Royer Cognac, and an assortment of Camacho Cigars. Each guest also received a Camacho Cigar Cutter by Xikar, T-Shirt, Cap and other fun Camacho goodies.

The event was a wonderful success and big thanks to Maria Martin from Camacho for being there!!!

There are lots of great events coming up... so I hope to see you at one of them. And if not at an event, at least in one of the stores!

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