21 February 2011

New My Father Davidoff New York Exclusive!

The My Father Belicoso
The newest Davidoff NYC Exclusive!

After more than a year of work and development, the My Father "Belicoso", made exclusively for the Davidoff New York stores is now available.  This was a special project between Davidoff GM Michael Herklots, Jaime and Janny Garcia of My Father Cigar Factory, and Rich Rodenhaus and John Gonzalez of My Father Cigars.  These beautiful Nicaraguan Puros were blended to be slightly outside the classic "Pepin" experience.  Modeled after the Bolivar Belicoso Fino, at 5.5" x 52 and packaged in traditional cabinets of 50 cigars, these Campanas smoke with a tremendous creaminess while still maintaining their rich Nicaraguan character and body.

The secret to the uniqueness of this cigar is... well, of course a secret.  However, the Pepin family used not only their impressive talents, but their impressive tobaccos to create this artisan cigar.  The blend is a special combination of different tobaccos from different primings, growing regions and harvest years.  It is unlike any cigar I've smoked from this factory.

A few lucky folks got to taste this cigar as a final prototype prior to going into aging back in June.  The more than 6 months of aging really allowed these beautiful smokes to mellow and round out.

These cigars will be regularly manufactured and regularly available, however in limited quantities.  The cigars are available as singles or in the beautiful cabinets of 50 for $350 (plus applicable taxes).

Here is some coverage from the "sneak peak" of this cigar courtesy of blogger Barry Stein.

The first shipment is now available for sale and will not last long!
Madison Avenue 212-751-9060
Columbus Circle 212-823-6383

20 February 2011

Avo Uvezian's 85th Birthday Celebration in New York City

Davidoff of Geneva and Avo Uvezian cordially invite you to celebrate Avo Uvezian’s 85th Birthday at New York City’s Grand Havana Room.

Avo Uvezian and Michael Herklots ProCigar Festival 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cocktail Hour 6:30pm-7:30pm
Open bar and passed hors d’oeuvres

Dinner 7:30pm
Steak Dinner w/ Suarez Salad, family style sides and dessert

Wines served throughout dinner.

Each Guest will receive throughout the evening:

1 Avo Heritage Churchill cigar
1 Avo Limited Edition 2008 cigar
1 Avo Limited Edition 2009 cigar
1 Avo Limited Edition 2010 cigar
1 Avo 85th Anniversary Limited Edition 2011 cigar.

Tickets are $300 + sales tax (gratuity included) and MUST be purchased in advance. Seating is EXTREMELY limited!

Please Call:
Davidoff of Geneva, Madison Avenue 212-751-9060
Davidoff of Geneva, Columbus Circle 212-823-6383
De La Concha 212-757-3167

07 February 2011

Litto Gomez LG Oriental (2006)

The hardest part about aging cigars is space.  To hold onto cigars takes up serious real estate in your humidor and SERIOUS patience and will power.  Well... that's where we come in.  I am a big fan of petit coronas and lanceros.  And one of my favorite is the LG, the Domincian Puro by Litto Gomez.  When he finally released his petit corona in 2006, The Oriental, we scooped up as many as we could get our hands on. 

We might have been a touch overzealous... especially, when Litto changed his idea on the line, made it a "vintage" line and re-released it in smaller quantitiy tobaccos in annual releases. 

Well the good news is... we've got originals... from our very first shipment.  And let me tell you, they are smoking incredible.  We've broken them out here and there... used them for events or special promotions... but, it's time to make them avail to all.  These are available in Cabinets of 50 ONLY, and only at our Madison Avenue store. 

The price is $367.50 for the cabinet... that's only $7.35 a piece (plus applicable taxes).  AND... just to really blow your mind... we'll include 2 LG Galego cigars for you to try as well.  If you're not familiar with THIS incredible smoke... it's the absolute opposite size, at 6 x 60 and ONLY available at Davidoff NY Stores.  This offer is ONLY available by calling 212-751-9060, and mentioning my blog! 

Lg Oriental (4 7/8" x 38)

Padilla 1932 MADURO (2007)

We purchased a few of these beautiful humidors back in 2007.  Each humidor is loaded with 15 of each size.  These gorgeous cigars were made by the Don Pepin Garcia, and each cigar is individually numbered.  Though we sold the other humidors as complete sets... we have one full humidor left at each Davidoff Shop and we've decided to open them up and sell them individually.

There are 15 sticks of each size at each store... and they're selling.  SO!  Pick up the phone and CALL!
Davidoff Columbus Circle 212-823-6383  Madison Avenue 212-751-9060

Robusto $12.00ea
Torpedo $14.00ea
Churchill $13.00ea

Applicable taxes may apply!

original Padilla 1932 Humidor