Annual Birthday Fundraiser Raises $50,000 for Killingly High School

Since 2005, Michael Herklots, a 1998 graduate of Danielson, Connecticut's Killingly High School has returned to his High School Alma Mater to present money raised at his annual birthday party/fundraiser for the Killingly High School Learning for Life Fund.  This year was no exception. 

At a breakfast presentation at the new Killingly High School's Auditorium, each career pathway recognized incredible achievement by deserving students in front of an audience of nearly 200, comprised of students, faculty, and members of the community.

At the conclusion of the event, Herklots was introduced and addressed the room, focusing his message on all parties.  "Community is an environmental condition that exists to support those who are in it... and there is no more important community than hometown.  It's the responsibility of the community to take care of its young people and make sure they're given everything they need to become the best adults they can be.  But, it's the responsibility of the young people to give back to that community."

The annual event, now held over two nights in New York City, bring together an impressive group of folks from around the world who contribute to the Killingly High School Learning for Life Fund.  Through ticket sales, raffles, silent and live auctions, money is raised to help supplement the school's Career Pathways program.

This year's fundraising efforts totaled $50,000 for the program, $15,000 more than last year's record of $35,000.  Herklots reminded the audience, "This is not my money!  It's just my privilege to be able to collect it from a group of wonderfully generous folks who, though they've never met you, believe in you and are willing to invest in you."

The announcement of funds was met with a standing ovation and incredible appreciation from the crowd.  Below are pictures from some of the Birthday Party festivities.

Heartfelt thanks goes out to all of my dear friends in the cigar industry who so generously donated such beautiful products for the raffles and auctions.  Without these donations, there would be NO event, and NO money would be raised. -Michael Herklots.