2012 ProCigar Festival

The 2012 ProCigar festival is a few months away!  This is the fifth annual event, and every year I've been proud to host a group to share this experience with.  This year is no exception!

This group is  really a special one.  It consists of friends and customers from ALL over, some who have been attending the festival since its inception, and others for the first time.

We will stay as a group at "Camp David", a wonderful hotel on the northern mountain range just outside the city of Santiago, with beautiful views of Santiago and the entire Cibao Valley. http://www.campdavidranch.com/

There are incredible events and celebrations throughout the week long festival.

Our group will meet in Santiago on Tuesday, February 21st.  We will offer a wonderful welcome dinner for the group at Camp David.  There is an official welcome party at the Gran Almirante, and we will help arrange transportation for those who'd like to attend.
Wednesday through Friday offer different options of tours and other activities.  All meals are included.

Our group's preferred itinerary will be:
Wed - La Aurora Factory Tour
Fri - Poker Tournament.

You may register with the same activities, or you may pick your own.  Transportation will be arranged for all events.

If you would like to be part of this group, please email me for more information and to confirm availability.  There is limited availability. mherklots@natsherman.com

Go to www.procigar.org for more information and to register.