Introducing the Bench Collection Legacy Series...

Introducing the Bench Collection Legacy Series...

Sam Perry: Nat Sherman 1990-Present
If you've followed the Nat Sherman story over the past 80 years, there is one resounding theme over all others to their success... Family. Nothing is more important. But family doesn't only mean the folks who's last name is Sherman. Ask any Sherman, and you'll understand immediately their profound affection and appreciation for their extended family - the hard working men and women who have gotten this brand where it is. The Nat Sherman Bench Collection Legacy Series celebrates the contributions and commitment of our most loyal employees of the Nat Sherman Store via very limited production cigars. Our first Legacy Series is The "Sam".

Sam Perry joined Nat Sherman at its 711 Fifth Avenue location in late summer of 1990. He began doing maintenance and porter work in the stock room, and moved on to work in the shipping and receiving areas of the business. In 1991 the store moved to 500 Fifth Avenue and Sam was quickly promoted to the position of Sales Associate by Joel Sherman, Nat's son who had returned to run the company upon Nat's passing. It is a position Sam has embraced and excelled at ever since. Talk to Sam in the store and he'll tell you stories of Milton Berle calling him just to chat, and inviting him to the Friar's Club with the boys. Sam has been the tobacconist to Bill Cosby, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Charles Barkley... and on and on... His love for cigars and industry has changed with the industry, seeing the rise and fall of the Cigar Boom and with it the brands that have come and gone. Sam shared, "Having my name on a Nat Sherman cigar makes me so proud of the work I've done, and makes me feel so appreciated by the Sherman Family."

The "Sam" is a 6x50 Toro (Sam's favorite) featuring sensational blend of filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru. A Dominican binder and gorgeous Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper finish this off. The "Sam" is available in boxes of ten cigars for $79.25 plus applicable taxes. These cigars WILL NOT last long. Sam says, "I really love this cigar. I can smoke it any time; before meals after meals… there's no aftertaste…It's smooth... it's just phenomenal…. Everyone who smokes this cigar will enjoy it."

Who could say it better than Sam? Sam - Thank you for all your hard work over the years, and for the many more years to come!

Stay tuned for MORE "Legacy Series" celebrating the incredible and extended Nat Sherman family!