12 March 2012

Bolivar d'Oro

Bolivar d'Oro
A Nat Sherman Exclusive...

In the 1950's, Nat Sherman was one of three licensed distributors of Havana Cigars east of the Mississippi River.  Even more important, Nat Sherman was the exclusive importer and distributor for the famous Bolivar brand, having developed a very close relationship with cigar manufacturer Ramon Cifuentes who was the mind behind the Partagas brand and factory in Havana, where Bolivar production had been relocated.  In the spirit of this incredible partnership, Nat Sherman once again partnered with the Bolivar brand, via General Cigar Company, the manufactures of the Bolivar brand for the U.S. market.  Take a look at some of the Bolivar products we sold during the 1950's.

In February of 2011, Nat Sherman proudly launched the Bolivar d'Oro, a beautiful lancero-like cigar measuring 6.25" x 42.  This limited production smoke features a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos with a Mexican binder and Honduran wrapper.  They're packaged in gorgeous replica boxes of ten cigars, the top half of each cigar adorned in gold foil to celebrate the traditional Bolivar packaging style.

We will continue to receive shipments while they last- but as they are limited, when they're gone they're gone for good.  The Bolivar d'Oro is $95 per box PLUS applicable taxes.