OrphanAid Africa Pipe Auction

From Dec 10th through Dec 16th OrphanAid Africa is organizing on Ebay a worldwide auction to sell one of the most prestigious smoking pipes . A unique, one-of-a-kind piece created by 16 different top European pipe artisans.

The pipe was created and donated by Al Pascià
http://www.alpascia.com  http://www.alpascialeather.com the historical pipe shop in Milan – Italy.

The Favour: Supporting the auction through making the event known to pipes collectors, pipes lovers, or even to whoever can gift such a type of Pipe as a great gift to a pipe passionate

The Project: For the second time, the first Running Pipe was in 2006, one of the most important smoking Pipe shop in italy, Al Pascià in Milan, is supporting OrphanAid Africa children. Al Pascià owners are the two brothers Cosimo and Leonardo Sportelli

Pipe Production:
- The Brothers have travelled over 6.000 km to have the pipe produced
- 16 Pipe Artisan Maestros have contributed to it, each one creating a part of it or working to a specific part of the creation process
- Artisans living in 3 different Countries involved: Italy, Germany, Denmark
- Pipe Warranty and Certificate is on a slice of Briar Wood and all artisans have personally signed it

Pipe Production time flow:
- March 2nd 2012, Italy : Purchase of Briar Wood piece and shaping at Mimmo Romeo shop with Mimmo Romeo, Kurt Balleby, Eder Mathias
- March 11th , Germany: to Alex Reichert
- March 12th am, Germany: Franck Axmacher Laboratory with Jurgen Moritz
- March 12th pm, Denmark: Kai Nielsen Laboratory with Karsten Tarp and Joao Reis
- March 13th am, Denmark: Johs laboratory
- March 13th pm, Denmark: Kent Rasmussen laboratory
- March 15th, Denmark: artisans Peter Heding and later Lasse Skovgaard
- March 16th , Denmark: Artisan Former and later Tom Eltang
- June 10th, Italy: Roberto Ascorti
- June 28th, Italy: Mimmo Romeo
- October 20th, Italy: back to Roberto Ascorti for pipe final moment, the punching

Pipe Technical details:
Materials: briar wood (seasoned for 5 years) and cumberland stem
Shape: Freehand Blowfish
Cut: straight grain
Color: natural
Filter: without filter
Dimension: Large (lenght mm 172 / bowl height mm 58 / outside diameter mm 50 / chamber diameter mm 21 / chamber depth mm 46 / weight 96,4)
Stampings: Running Pipe 2012
This unique pipe comes with a leather box (Al Pascia'), sock, certificate (made of briar wood).

Pipe Value: Priceless *There is not such a type of pipe in the market as never ever such a great number of top artisans cooperate for the production of a pipe*

Artisans involved: Mimmo Romeo, Kurt Balleby, Eder Mathias, Axel Reichert, Frank Axmacher, Jurgen Moritz, Kai Nielsen, Karsten Tarp, Joao Reis, Johs, Kent Rasmussen, Peter Heding, Lasse Skovgaard, Former, Tom Eltang, Roberto Ascorti.