Nat Sherman Timeless Collection on Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Two Consecutive Years.


NEW YORK, NY (December 20, 2013) - Nat Sherman, Tobacconist to the World since 1930, is thrilled to share that Cigar Aficionado has selected the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Divinos as one of the ‘Top 25 Cigars’ of 2013.  This is the second consecutive appearance of the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection on the annual list.  Cigar Aficionado has proclaimed the cigar as “bringing a vibrant new flavor and energy to the Nat Sherman name,” ranking the cigar as No. 20 on its coveted annual list.

Cigar Aficionado’s rigorous decision-making process begins by looking at more than 700 cigars tested throughout the year in both Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider. The top-scoring smokes go through a further blind-tasting where Cigar Aficionado’s tasting coordinator purchases cigars from known retailers, removes the bands and orchestrates an entirely new tasting. After multiple rounds, the publication arrives at its coveted list of the Top 25.  Per Cigar Aficionado, “The Top 25 list contains cigars from a host of countries, with a wide range of flavors and prices. They are a superb group.”

 Once again we’re thrilled to be included on this prestigious list. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing that our products are being enjoyed and appreciated,” said Bill Sherman, Executive Vice President of Nat Sherman. Michael Herklots, Executive Director of Retail and Brand Development, added, “I think Cigar Aficionado really said it best themselves: ‘The brand has staying power.’ Nat Sherman has been an industry innovator for over 80 years, and we remain committed to making the finest products possible.”

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The Nat Sherman Timeless Collection (Dominican) Divinos
The Divinos is a perfecto format, tapered at both ends. This figurado is an incredibly difficult format to make as the proportions of filler tobaccos must be positioned in a way to draw properly and burn evenly. When the cigar is first lit, the initial flavors come from the wrapper and binder, and as the cigar increases in ring gauge, the flavor changes with every single puff as more and more filler tobaccos are incorporated into the experience. The Nat Sherman Timeless Divinos is full bodied, with medium strength and unarguable complexity- and though a small format at five inches, commands incredible time and attention to truly appreciate the full experience. – Michael Sherman, Executive Director of Retail and Brand Development, Nat Sherman International