Nat Sherman Hosts McSorley's at Flagship Townhouse.

Nat Sherman
Toasting The Town Present:
A Retro Social
"An Evening of Common Ground & Old Fashioned Socializing"
Come celebrate 160 years of McSorley's, New York's most iconic Ale House, and New York's most iconic Tobacconist, Nat Sherman. 

The Nat Sherman Townhouse
12 East 42nd Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 7:30-9:30pm
$100 per person. Space is limited. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

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"Looking back at simpler times can often translate as a sort of comfort food:The good taste of a light or dark...or both...that could be shared amongst patrons or professors, sitting 'round a communal table at McSorley's.  The fine flavor of premium cigars, or pipes held by fashionistas, next to show biz folk, next to politicians, and more - sitting chair by chair 'round a circle and just jiving with one another.

The most satisfying tradition of all, however, is one whereas we, as a society, stop to help one another.  The comfort food of helping people onto their feet and providing them with hope, is the type of timeless meal that we should all be serving - aside from our ales, puffs and posturing.  It's the naked sentiment of understanding that humankind should be humbled at times - for the good 'ole times are unfortunately not always experienced nor enjoyed by everyone. 

We invite you to join us in a night of old fashioned fun, conversation and common ground.  A night where we can come together with help from our fine friends at McSorley's & Nat Sherman International.  And aside from old fashioned socializing and a tribute to friendship - it is the kindness of strangers that shall be bestowed unto the people that the mission of Part Of The Solution (POTS) reaches out to in our community;

'...a loving community in the Bronx that nourishes the basic needs and hungers of all who come to (their) door.  Since 1982, POTS has welcomed thousands of individuals with different needs, backgrounds and stories - all of whom share one common goal:  To have their dignity restored.  Through specialized programs, a high standard of caring and a warm meal, we strive to achieve that goal for each person who seeks it.'  (