Nat Sherman to Re-launch Epoca Brand.


NEW YORK, NY (March 31, 2014)Nat Sherman, Tobacconist to the World since 1930, announces plans to bring the Epoca brand back to market late spring 2014. This re-release comes with special historical significance as Epoca was the first cigar brand owned by Nat Sherman upon his acquisition of the New York-based cigar company, Schwab Bros. and Baer, in 1929. 

Final Prototype of the new Epoca box, band and labels.

“Epoca is an extremely important part of our story and history, as it was our entrée into the cigar industry,” said William Sherman, Executive Vice President, Nat Sherman. “There would be no Nat Sherman without Epoca, and we are thrilled to introduce our customers to a brand that means so much to our legacy.”
Original Epoca Cigar Box from the 1930's
Epoca was originally a “Clear Havana” cigar - a blend of Cuban tobacco manufactured in the United States. The re-launch blend has been in development for over a year, beginning with an exploratory tasting during the 2013 ProCigar Festival. Manufactured at the Quesada Cigar Factory in Licey, Dominican Republic, the final incarnation features a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican grown Cuban seed tobaccos, finished with a beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper. The new packaging is inspired by the original Epoca designs, highlighting the bold crimson crest, gilded bordering and oversized quality seal.

“The blend for Epoca is a tribute to the premium cigars of the 1920’s and 30’s,” said Michael Herklots, Vice President of Retail and Brand Development, Nat Sherman. “‘Clear Havana’ cigars were medium to full-bodied with light wrappers. The new Epoca pays homage to the original experience, offering a full rich flavor that remains balanced and approachable.” 
Epoca will be available in six formats, packed in boxes of twenty cigars: Breva 5” x 42, Admiral 5” x 50, Prince 6” x 50, Senator 6” x 56, Knickerbocker 7” x 48 and a Perfecto 5.75” x 52.  Prices expected to range between $9-$15 per cigar.

Epoca Perfecto