Nat Sherman Bench Collection has Arrived.

The Nat Sherman Bench Collection

Since 1930, Nat Sherman has always strived to offer the finest goods available to our customers.  As our company and distribution grew, so too did our unique portfolio of Nat Sherman products.  From cigars to cigarettes to other lifestyle goods, each new product was a direct response to the needs of our customers.

Many of our Nat Sherman products are available at Premium Tobacconists throughout the world.  However, we do have a few things that are unique only to our Townhouse Flagship store in New York City.  The Bench Collection, is an example. 

The Nat Sherman Bench Collection is a series of cigars, made by different manufacturers in different countries in limited quantities.  These small productions permit the manufacturers to use rarer, more unique tobaccos since the blends don't need to be sustained for a long period of time.  When they're gone, they're gone.

This latest round of Bench Collection come from the MATASA factory.  Run by the Quesada family, the factory has been producing some of the industry's finest cigars including the Fonseca and Quesada brands as well as our own Nat Sherman Metropolitan and Metropolitan Maduro lines.  This new Bench collection is quite a departure from the flavors and experiences one might come to expect from MATASA and Nat Sherman.  And we're very excited to offer these cigars for as long as they last.

Available in four sizes, the cigars feature a beautiful Dominican-grown Corojo wrapper from the Navarrete region of the Cibao valley.  The filler tobaccos combine Ligero, Viso and Seco leaves from Dominican Republic and Nicaragua and are held together with a Dominican binder. They are wonderfully rich and complex, with an earthy undertone.  These cigars are available in boxes of 20.

6 7/8” x 48  $178.25
6” x 52  $170.00
5” x 50  $162.50
5 ½" x 43  $154.00